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Unique café brews hope for job-seekers with autism

December 29, 2015

A Mercedes-Benz dealership in Tampa, Florida is serving up much more than a quality car. Inside is a unique coffee spot called Artistas Café, which run by adults with autism. 

"I also have a daughter with autism, so I share the journey with so many parents who have the concern that what is this world going to be for my child?" Vicky Westra, founder of Artistas Café told CBS affiliate WTSP-TV. "When they turn 18-22, doesn't seem to be a lot of options still for young people with autism."

Watch the full report above or at CBS News

Approximately 50,000 young adults with autism reach working age every year in the United States, only a fraction of those individuals are gainfully employed in jobs that match their capabilities. Job seekers with autism – and the business community – just need a little bit of help getting connected.

That is why Autism Speaks has partnered with Rangam Consultants Inc. (RCI) and WebTeam Corporation to create  A new tool to address the challenges facing young adults and adults with autism in the job market. The mission of is to connect employers with qualified individuals with autism and other disabilities.

Visit and watch our videos to see how easy it is to join. Questions? Contact Autism Speaks Adult Services at

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