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Unforgettable Homecoming for High School Senior with Autism

September 29, 2014

(September 29, 2014) - Matthew Gorsuch, an 18-year-old from Brandon, South Dakota had a senior homecoming he'll never forget. When his name was announced as homecoming king, a roar of excitement came from his fellow classmates at Brandon Valley High School. Matthew was born with trisomy 10p syndrome, which causes autism and other challenges. His mom, Tamara Gorsuch, was overjoyed to hear the news. 

Gorsuch told the Argus Leader, "It was a village taking care of my son last night. It was incredible."

Matthew looked overwhelmed by all the excitement, but the close knit homecoming court helped him stay calm

Fellow homecoming king nominee, Tyler Erck told Argus Leader, “I personally voted for Matthew, I think it's absolutely fantastic that he was part of the court, and even more so that he was voted king."

Gorsuch was so appreciative of how Matthew was treated the entire night. "It was just ... it was cool, I just feel so thankful that there's a group of kids that can love my son as much as I do."

Read the entire story of Matthew Gorsuch’s astonishing homecoming night from the Argus Leader.

Watch the KSFY-TV report below.