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Eli Stone
January 30, 2008

On Thursday night at 10/9c, ABC will air the premiere of its new legal drama "Eli Stone." This program has generated controversy because the plot of the first episode revolves around a fictional court case in which a parent alleges that a vaccine additive caused her child's autism. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) formally asked ABC not to air this episode, saying that the fictionalized account might discourage some parents from having their children immunized, but ABC refused. Instead, a disclaimer message will be shown at the beginning of the program reminding viewers that "Eli Stone" is a fictional program.

Autism Speaks Statement

The plotline of the first episode of the fictional television drama "Eli Stone" revolves around a lawsuit claiming that a vaccine additive is responsible for a boy's autism. Since raising awareness of autism is central to our mission, we are pleased that interest in autism is permeating the mainstream. The weight of the scientific evidence does not support a link between autism and vaccines, although individuals and some advocacy groups question these findings. Autism Speaks, the nation's largest autism research and advocacy organization, is committed to discovering the cause(s) of autism. Autism Speaks funds a wide range of scientific studies looking at a broad array of potential environmental and genetic factors including vaccines that may play a role in causing autism. We encourage everyone to learn the facts about autism by exploring our web site at

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