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Trash Man's Surprise Gift for Boy with Autism Goes Viral

February 19, 2014

It all started when Autism Speaks received an email from Robin Newberger last week about a very special gift her 5-year-old son Daniel recieved from their Ojai, Calif., trash collector, Manuel Sanchez. The video titled "The Gift" has since gone viral and has over 1 Million views on our Autism Speaks Youtube channel. Robin even created a Facebook Page called, "The Gift." 

Although it is not that clear in the video, Manuel gave Daniel a toy garbage truck he paid for with his own money. Manuel did not know that Daniel had autism - He only knew that Daniel ritually waited outside every Monday for the garbage truck to come. As a result of the video and good deed, Manuel's company Harrison Industries is recognizing him for a job well done. 

"That little boy is so special, and he will steal anybody's heart as soon as you see him," Manuel told his employer. "I didn't know what he has but there's something very special about him."

The story has now spread to nearly every major news outlet in the country and around the world.