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Tips on Working With Colleagues Who Have Autism

September 30, 2014

(Sept. 30, 2014) – It has been said there is so much more for the workforce to learn about working with a colleague on the autism spectrum. These coworkers can contribute some of the brightest insights, but are sometimes misunderstood because of the common characteristics associated with autism. Today, Forbes highlights different tips for working with colleagues on the spectrum.

A few of the tips include:

  1. Avoiding eye contact (if they do): People with autism can show nerves with making proper eye contact. This is one of the common sensory sensitivies that is associated with autism. If you are working with a co-worker who shows this sign, follow their sign. It will help them feel at ease when they first meet you.
  2. Listen patiently: It may be difficult for an individual with autism to pick up the acceptable social rules in a business environment. If that’s the case, be respectful in listening to them.
  3. Embrace structure: People with autism do best having structure, and flourish having a set routine. If you have a colleague who interrupts and starts talking over everyone in a meeting, the solution is to lay down a structure of the meeting. This will help them know what is expected.

Read the rest of the tips on working with colleagues on the autism spectrum from Forbes.

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