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These tips will help your child with autism when moving to a new home

June 11, 2015

Recently came out with an article on 8 Tips for Moving a Child with Autism to a New Home. We are aware this may be a difficult transition for many in our community so we wanted to share several of them that you can take advantage of! You can read the entire list here.

Create a Social Story

Social Stories are an excellent way to help explain new situations to individuals on the autism spectrum. These are usually focused on written or visual stories — that describe particular situations and behaviors before they occur.

You can read some examples of some Social Stories via our partnership with The National Autism Association and their Big Red Safety Toolkit here.

Make a Safety Plan

Nearly half of children with ASD are prone to wandering, and moving to a new place increases the likelihood of that happening. Lisa Goring, executive vice president of programs and services at Autism Speaks emphasizes the importance of safety tools such as alarm systems and locks in your new home “to prevent your child from leaving.”

For a list of safety products for children with ASD, visit our resource library here.

Meet The Neighbors

Goring recommends walking your child around the new neighborhood to familiarize him or her with the new surroundings. She also suggests introducing your child to your new neighbors, and letting them know your child has ASD and tends to wander.

“Provide them with all of your contact information, and let them know the best ways to respond if they see your child near their home or out in the community,” Goring said.

Read the entire list at here.

You can read more of our resources via our Housing and Residential Supports Tool Kit here. You can also find more resources for this transition via our Resource Library here.