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These Autism Advocates Ran the 2015 Boston Marathon!

April 17, 2015

The 2015 Boston Marathon occured Monday, April 20th and several members of our autism community ran to help spread awareness and funds for Autism Speaks! This is done through our Autism Speaks initiative called Team Up! with Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks established Team Up! with Autism Speaks to provide a home for participants who enjoy a challenge while fundraising. Currently our teams have combined to raise over $3.2m in 5 years. If you run, bike, swim, hike, sail, climb, etc then this is the place for you!

The 2015 Boston Marathon runners include…

Jonathan Brunot

Jonathan is a 26-year-old adult on the autism spectrum who has ran fifteen marathons in his life. At an early age Jonathan was diagnosed with severe autism This was his seventh consecutive time running the Boston Marathon. In addition to the Boston Marathon Jonathan has also run the New York City Marathon 5 times, the Caumsett State Park 50k in 2011 and the Long Island Marathon in April 2013. 

You can learn more about Jonathan via his website here

Alex and Jamie Schneider

Alex and Jamie Schneider are 24-year-old identical twins who are severely affected by autism.  Yet, their accomplishments as runners has brought them international attention. ESPN for example recently highlighted the twins for the inspiration they brought to the marathon this year through their stories

You can read more about Alex and Jamie at Robyn Schneider, the mother of the twins, recently talked with us about her new book Silent Running: Our Family’s Journey to The Finish Line with Autism which you can more about here.

You can support Alex and Jamie Schneider’s Team Up! With Autism Speaks page here

David Wade

David Wade, a multiple award-winning journalist who anchors WBZ-TV News in Boston, recently wrote a blog for CBS Boston about his participation in this year’s Boston Marathon. David said of running for Autism Speaks this year as his chosen charity, “I won’t be able to raise millions for research. I may not be able to raise thousands. But I am blessed to have a job that allows me to shine a spotlight on things.”

You can support David’s Team Up! with Autism Speaks page here

Learn more about Team Up with Autism Speaks here