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Calls to Action

Temple Grandin Inspires with Commencement Speech Focused on Hope for the Future

May 20, 2014

(May 20, 2014) -- "Get out there! Do some real projects! Get some stuff done, not abstract stuff!" This was one of several messages autism advocate Dr. Temple Grandin gave during her commencement speech at the Dunkin Donuts Center on Sunday for the Providence College Class of 2014. 

In her speech, Dr. Grandin said the world needs "all kinds of minds" and wished the over 1,250 graduates well for the future. Dr. Grandin, who also discussed her early childhood, said, "What I want to get you to do is think about the different ways people think. When I was young, I used to think everyone used to think in pictures like me."

When she finished her speech, Dr. Grandin received a standing ovation.