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Teens With Autism Who Were Overlooked Create Their Own Scout Troop

April 29, 2015

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a group of teens with autism started their own scouting troop after being left out and overlooked in traditional troops, KSL Utah reported. 

Tammy Wilson, special-needs chairwoman for the Great Salt Lake Council, let the boys get their feet wet with camping in her back yard. 

"They are boys that have been left out of regular Scouting units," Wilson said. 

Laura Falcon is an autism paraprofessional who has worked with the troop.

"They don't usually get this opportunity because if they go to a troop with regular ed kids, then they never get to set up the tents because they're too slow,"  Falcon told KSL.

"We teach them at their own pace and they still learn the same skills, same requirements, they just have a little bit specialized way of doing it," Steve Knowlden, a father of a Scout with autism, told KSL.

Watch the video by clicking the image above and read the full story on KSL Utah.

Read more about Autism Empowerment, an Autism Speaks Grant recipient that trains scout leaders to effectively work with children and teens with autism and their families to provide them with an empowering and enriching scouting experience, here.