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Teens on the autism spectrum teach video production

July 06, 2015

In Montreal, Canada, teens with autism are helping teach their peers video production skills during summer camps created by Spectrum Productions.

“Now I’m producing, helping people with different projects as far as scripting and editing goes,” Anthony Campoli told GlobalNews. He became an employee of the camp after attending multiple Spectrum Productions summer sessions.

Co-founders Liam O’Rourke and Dan Tenveen started the camps five years ago, and after the first summer camp, they realized they could employee the teens to help teach video production.

“I think this puts us in a really special spot to be able to tap into that potential and give these guys meaningful opportunities,” O’Rourke told GlobalNews. “Hopefully we can give them the tools to move on to really great jobs in the future.”

Read more about the program on the Spectrum Productions website. Spectrum Productions is partially funded by Autism Speaks Canada.