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Teen with Autism Overcomes Fear and Attends Prom

June 17, 2014


(June 17, 2014) - Hopkinton High School student Lizzie Busby got a lot of attention on Facebook after her prom photo was posted by Autism Speaks. More than 2 Million people interacted with the photo, which was a visual representation of the courage it took for Lizzie, who has autism, to attend her high school prom alone. Lizzie received an Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis in middle school. The Concord Monitor recently wrote about her story.

Lizzie told the publication, “I thought I was going to have a horrible time and be alone there, but I was wrong. The most challenging part was overcoming the fear of actually going to the prom. I had this fear in my head that I was going to have a terrible time, but I had to get over it. I realized that almost everyone in my grade was going, and I had already bought the dress and everything, so I just faced it head-on.”

The article also discussed Lizzie’s childhood struggles and stress related to school. Her mother, Toni Verville, who submitted Lizzie’s photo to Autism Speaks told the Concord Monitor, “As a parent, it can be an unbelievable struggle but in the end, you have someone like Lizzie, and when they make those kind of achievements it’s all worth it. It’s amazing to see them flourish in that environment, and that’s why she was so inspirational to these other families.”