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Teen with autism knits for the needy

November 20, 2015

A teen with autism who loves knitting is getting recognition as a great neighbor.

17-year-old Tristan Smith-Carlos of Hamburg, NY, makes hats, mittens, scarves and more, and finds the repetitive motion of knitting both physically and emotionally therapeutic.

"It started as something to keep Tristan's hands busy. My sister taught him how to just make knots with his fingers. And one of the aides at school saw him doing that and asked him if he ever knitted," his mother, Stephanie Smith told WGRZ. He picked up knitting quickly after that encounter.

Tristan then donates much of what he makes to the NICU at the children's hospital, a Giving Tree at his church, and the City Mission.

"He loves to see people get excited when he gives them a gift," Smith said.

Read more on WGRZ and watch the video by clicking the image above.