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Teen with autism inspires through breathtaking design, engineering

November 02, 2015

Michael Nielson, a teen with autism, is stunning his educators through his amazing ability to design and engineer everything from figurines and toys, to his pets' living environments, to costumes and jewelry, the Daily Herald reported.

Starting from a young age, Nielson built working figurines out of paper, and later, wood and tape. Now, he's gotten recognition at Salt Lake City's 2014 Comic Con for his stunning costume designs, and despite his previous emotional difficulties at school, is flourishing.

He wasn’t diagnosed with Asperger’s until fourth grade, because he was so high functioning and very smart. But every day of school I’d get a phone call about him,” his mother, Julene Nielson told the Daily Herald.

“By the end of eighth grade he’d worked himself out of all of his special ed classes, and he got his emotional stuff under control,” Julene Nielson said. “He also started getting better at going to the teachers and other students and explaining that he’s autistic. It really changed how teachers and students reacted to him.”

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