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Teddy Bear Travels to the North Pole to Spread Autism Awareness

April 13, 2015

Never underestimate the beautiful gestures from people in our autism community. Dorian Poe, a 11-year-old with autism from Burlington, Canada two years ago decided he wanted to help spread autism awareness around the world. This led to him sending his favorite stuffed teddy bear Tikko to families wearing an autism puzzle piece with the message that, “It’s okay to be different”. Along with that Tikko took with him a letter from Dorian explaining some of the characteristics of autism.

Once Tikko arrives with a new family it’s that families job to help spread autism awareness in their local community while taking photos with Tikko to share on Tikko Travels Facebook Page. So far on his travels Tikko has visited 24 countries.

Tikko has visited…

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Big Ben in London

Statue of Liberty in New York City

And the North Pole!

Tikko has even met celeberties like…

Jim Carrey

and Ne-Yo!

AND Tikko has even gone skydiving!



Dorian’s mom, Christine told The Mighty about the campaign, “My personal hope is that as more people learn about autism, accept people with autism and support families with autism, the bigger our community will get.”

You can read more about Dorian and Tikko’s Story at Daily Mail here