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Technology Central Page Launched

September 25, 2012

Autism Speaks is happy to announce our new Technology Central page. Studies have shown that technology can have a profound impact on individuals with autism, and we want to get the word out to families about how they can take advantage of these exciting technological advances. We designed this page to provide the autism community with the latest information, tools, and resources, so that everyone can benefit from the great strides being made in the world of technology.

The page contains information about our new Autism and Technology Webinar Series and a vast database of apps for individuals with autism that serve a variety of purposes, including educational, behavioral, and recreational. We will also promote different resources each month based on feedback from our community, as well as information about all of our technology initiatives here at Autism Speaks. The page will be updated constantly with new resources, news, testimonials and more!

Click here to visit the page!