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The tech companies making autism hiring a priority

March 03, 2016 highlighted some of the technology companies that have dedicated programs to help individuals with autism find fulfilling employment.

Autism Speaks' Director of Adult Services, David Kearon, also provided insight:

“Not every accommodation for people with autism needs to be a big deal. Natural supports are the kinds of things we do to help our colleagues every day at work, without having to fill out any paperwork and without spending any money. Helping managers and coworkers to learn how to work with a new colleague with autism is well worth a little bit of education and effort,” Kearon said.


Autism Speaks helped launch a new tool to address the challenges facing young adults and adults with autism in the job market. The mission of is to connect employers with qualified individuals with autism and other disabilities.

Visit and watch our videos to see how easy it is to join. Questions? Contact Autism Speaks Adult Services at