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Talk show looks at employment, college & housing for those with autism

December 02, 2015

Autism Speaks Vice President of Adult Services Leslie Long recently appeared on the “Different is Beautiful Show,” a local cable television talk show in New Jersey hosted by Autism Speaks staffer Kerry Magro, a national speaker and best-selling author. Magro, who is one of the only television hosts with autism in the country, came up with the idea of this show this summer based on his experiences growing up on the spectrum and his desire to highlight the idea that ‘different is beautiful’ in our disability community.

During the first segment of the show, Long talked about how she got started at Autism Speaks and why she wanted to get involved to help the autism community.

The second segment highlighted employment opportunities for those with autism. Long discussed Autism Speaks' new employment initiative, a jobs portal designed to help those with autism find meaningful employment opportunities. She suggested for anyone looking for insight into employment opportunities to also take advantage of the Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit.

The third segment focused on postsecondary opportunities for young adults with autism and the importance of self-advocacy skills. Magro mentioned that he didn’t know when he attended college that he would no longer have an IEP. Long spoke about Autism Speaks' Postsecondary Educational Opportunities Guide. She encouraged schools to read more about Autism Speaks Brian & Patricia Kelly Postsecondary Scholarship Fund.

The final segment looked towards Long’s goals for Adult Services at Autism Speaks in the future. She mentioned the importance of housing opportunities. During the conversation, she also discussed Autism Speaks' Housing and Residential Supports Tool Kit and the HeroX House to Home Prize initiative that the organization is sponsoring.  The initiative is offering $150,000 in prizes for belief-busting breakthroughs in housing and residential supports for adults with autism. You can participate in the contest here.

You can watch the entire episode at here