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Suzanne Wright Tours Calif. School for Children with Autism

April 23, 2007

Autism Speaks co-founder Suzanne Wright on May 6, 2005, visited The Help Group, one of the largest, most comprehensive nonprofit organizations serving children with special needs related to autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, mental retardation and abuse.

Founded in 1975, The Help Group's wide range of mental health and therapy services, foster family services, and residential

Suzanne Wright at The Help Group

Suzanne Wright and Benji, a student at The Help Group's Young Learners Preschool.

programs serve more than 5,000 children and families each year. With over 700 staff members, The Help Group's state-of-the-art schools and programs are located on four campuses in the Los Angeles area.

Mrs. Wright toured The Help Group's autism spectrum disorders programs on its Sherman Oaks Campus with Dr. Barbara Firestone, president and CEO; Judy Burkow, vice president of development; and Dr. Laurie Stephens, director of The Help Group's Autism Spectrum Disorders Program. The Help Group serves over 500 students with autism spectrum disorders on a daily basis in its four day schools.

In addition to its day school programs, The Help Group Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders offers diagnostic assessments, intervention, family support, after-school programs, summer day camps, graduate and post-graduate professional training, research programs, conferences, seminars, and publications.