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Susan Boyle Writes Powerful Essay on her Struggles with Autism

April 09, 2014

(April 9, 2014) -- Susan Boyle, the 52-year-old church volunteer who became a global singing sensation on Britain's Got Talent, has written an essay for The Daily Beast about her struggles with autism. Boyle revealed diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome late last year.

The essay serves as a preview to a documentary, "Susan Boyle: Her Secret Struggle" which airs tonight at 10 PM ET on Ovation. 

A excerpt of her essay is below... 

"But you see, I'm not mad or simple or any of the other names that I have been called over the years. I have Asperger's and it doesn't define me, it gives a greater understand of who I am.

For over 50 years I struggled not understanding what was wrong, feeling that I had been unfairly labeled but at 51 when I was diagnosed with Asperger's it was a huge moment of relief, understanding and acceptance.

It was incredible important to convery this personal diagnosis in exactly the right way. I did not want people getting carried away and making judgements or headlines spinning out of control making a mockery. So I decided that the only way to show what life with Asperger's is like was to show people and I was luck enough to be afforded the opportunity to do just that with a documentary. I wanted to stop being an outsider and show people what my life was like, bring them in to my world and hopefully give people a greater understand of what asperger's is and the day to day struggles that will always exist and the reactions to situations." 

Read the entire essay here

Watch Susan's famous performance below.