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Surfers Healing Rocks Montauk

September 13, 2013

The ‘Surf Gods’ were looking down on Montauk today, when a foggy morning turned into blue skies for the Surfers Healing event held at Ditch Plains Beach! Surfers Healing Foundation is a California based group that works with individuals with special needs to give them a unique and often life changing experience in the ocean on a surfboard!

The weather was gorgeous and the waves were cooperative allowing more than 150 campers the chance to surf it up! Music flowed through the speakers, which added to the ambiance for spectators that packed the entire beach. Local volunteers were everywhere running various jobs both in and out of the water. Campers were suited up and assigned a surfer who either paddled out or was towed out by a jet ski. Once they were able to get past the ocean breaks, the surfing began!

Campers made their way back to the beach, standing or laying on the board, on their instructor’s shoulders or in their arms. One thing is for sure, everyone was wearing a smile!

This Surfers Healing event was sponsored by East End Disability Associated Inc., a Long Island based nonprofit organization that provides supports and services for people with developmental disabilities throughout the lifespan. They credit the support of the Town of East Hampton as well as local residents, public officials, and businesses to give families a ‘day to remember.’