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Surfers Healing Helps Children with Autism Surf in Belmar

September 09, 2013

At the 9th Annual Beach Bash, California-based Surfers Healing helped kids ride the waves, many for the first time.

Surfers Healing Director Jeff Ekberg said ex-professional surfer Izzy Paskowitz, who has an autistic child, started the nonprofit organization. Paskowitz's son was having a tantrum on the beach one day, so he put him on a surf board and there was a positive response. From there, Surfers Healing was born. 

“It was something they finally had a connection to,” Ekberg said.

According to Ekberg, it take more than just being a great surfer to be able to help the children get up on the board.

“When we go out in the water it’s really about trying to find something that you can connect with that kid and build a relationship with them while you’re out in the water,” Ekberg said. “And then you’ve got to have the skills of being able to surf, and then you have to have the skills of being able to surf with somebody who may be fighting you through the processes … these guys are amazing at it.”

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On Friday September 13, we will be in Montauk for the Surfers Healing Camp that day providing you with full coverage, so stay tuned!