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Strangers Around the World Plan Gift for Girl with Autism

January 14, 2014

Delilah, a 6-year-old girl with autism from Brooklyn, N.Y., will soon recover a prized possession she had lost thanks to the kindness of strangers from around the world.

The story began when Delilah’s mom Jennifer joined a Photo a Day challenge on Facebook in the hopes of inspiring her daughter's creativity. One of the photos they posted was of Delilah’s new doll, Clawdeen. That same day, Delilah lost her doll in the park.

When a member of the Facebook group heard about this unfortunate turn of events, the group decided to buy another Clawdeen doll for Delilah’s birthday on February 26. Not only that, some of members decided to create a detailed story for Delilah that would explain Clawdeen’s disappearance. That’s when the blog, “Hey There Delilah: Clawdeen’s Adventures Around the World” started.

Clawdeen’s journey began in Australia and the doll has since traveled to three continents (see map). Clawdeen’s last stop will be New Zealand before traveling to Brooklyn just in time for Delilah's birthday. After Deliliah opens the gift, her mother Jennifer plans to show her the blog that tracks every place Clawdeen has visited during the time she was not with Delilah. Check out the blog here for all the photos of Clawdeen from around the globe.