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Stars Come Out for Autism Documentary in Tribeca

"Sounding the Alarm" to be available for streaming via Netflix, iTunes and Amazon in July.
April 26, 2014

April 26, 2014 - Blockburger Productions documentary, Sounding the Alarm, was screened during the 2014 Tribeca Family Festival. The event was hosted by Grace Hightower De Niro and Robert De Niro, with Autism Speaks Co-founders Suzanne and Bob Wright, at Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. 

In remarks before the screening, Autism Speaks co-founder Bob Wright announced to the audience that the acclaimed film will become available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime in July. What's more, in addition to across the US, the film will be available in many languages in Latin America and Europe. Sounding the Alarm examines the lives of 12 families who live with autism, and chronicles the challenges and opportunities they face from diagnosis to adulthood. Now that 1 in every 68 children in the U.S. is affected by autism, the need for comprehensive services and support across the lifespan is more crucial than ever.

In addition, the film highlights Suzanne and Bob Wright’s efforts to raise autism awareness and establish Autism Speaks, the world’s foremost autism science and advocacy organization. The film also profiles retired decorated marine Hardy Mills and his wife Danielle, who in the past two years have spent over $120,000 for ABA services for their son, Shane. Hardy says he may have to sell his medals to pay for Shane’s therapy. Florida's Rising Tide Car Wash is also featured in the film as an example of a successful business that employs adults on the autism spectrum. 

Autism Speaks Co-Founders Suzanne and Bob Wright with daughter Katie and Grace Hightower De Niro and Robert De Niro:

Marine Hardy Mills and family are profiled in Sounding the Alarm:

The D'eri family and their business Rising Tide Car Wash are featured in Sounding the Alarm:

In the film, the Lawrence family moved out of their state due to lack of insurance coverage. 

Sounding the Alarm was produced and directed by John Block, and edited by Bruce Burger:

Watch the trailer for the film below: