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Spectrum Designs to create 2016 Autism Speaks Walk t-shirts

March 23, 2016

It was announced that Spectrum Designs, an apparel customization shop that employs people with autism, will be the vendor for official Autism Speaks Walk 2016 T-shirts.

Spectrum Designs is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides meaningful work opportunities to individuals with autism. The Autism Speaks Walk contract is the largest job undertaken by Spectrum Designs so far. Each Walk T-shirt will include a special tag about Spectrum Designs, providing the organization with visibility across the nearly 60 Autism Speaks Walk locations around the country.

“We are thrilled to be selected as the official T-shirt vendor for Autism Speaks Walk 2016. It is a testament to the fact that social enterprises can compete on a national scale and this puts Spectrum Designs firmly on the map,” said Spectrum Designs president Patrick Bardsley. “Our commitment to quality and unsurpassed customer service are what propel our growth. Every order that we receive provides us with the opportunity to expand and create more employment opportunities for adults with autism.”

Spectrum Designs currently employs 25 full and part-time adult staff, with approximately 75 percent of staff diagnosed with autism or a related condition. 

“Many people with autism are capable and do excellent work,” said Lisa Goring, Autism Speaks executive vice president of programs and services. “We are thrilled to work with Spectrum Designs to provide our walk participants with a quality product from a company that utilizes the talents of people with autism and provides opportunity for meaningful employment.”

Read the full press release.

Learn more about Spectrum Designs in the video below: