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Should Students Disclose their Autism Diagnosis in College?

August 11, 2014

(August 11, 2014) – The Age, an independent newspaper from Australia, came out with an article yesterday on a debated topic in the autism community about whether a student with autism in a postsecondary program should disclose his or her autism diagnosis. The article features the story of Penny Robinson, a student with autism from Monash University in Australia who disclosed her diagnosis of Asperger syndrome to her teachers and peers.

On Friday at the Victorian Autism Conference, La Trobe University research fellow Amanda Richdale presented a study she did on 23 students, families and faculty members at her college saying that students with an autism spectrum disorder were worried about being discriminated against. Amanda says, “They didn’t want people to know they were on the spectrum. But it wasn’t always clear why."

Have questions about disclosure in postsecondary programs? Autism Speaks came out with a Postsecondary Educational Opportunities Guide designed to help individuals on the spectrum and their families explore the different opportunities and learning environments after leaving high school. You can download this free guide here