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Science News Highlights Need for More Research on Interventions for Adults with Autism

February 11, 2015

An article in Science News, "Adults with Autism are Left to Navigate a Jarring World," discusses difficulties adults with autism face and the growing amount of research into this population.

The article mentions Autism Speaks' growing investment in research in the area of adult interventions. Chief Science Officer Rob Ring says investment in such research is bound to rise. “As we become more acutely aware of the tidal wave of individuals who are transitioning into adulthood, we’re becoming very much aware of the needs that are out there for adults,” he says.

Jonas Moore, a 35-year-old man with autism, told Science News that he has encountered problems in the workplace because of his difficulty with managing emotions. Securing a job has been a challenge, which he feels could be easier if those around him were more aware of autism and how the disorder affects his behaviors.

Moore says this increasing amount of research "means that people like me are going to get more help. We’re human beings too and we want to be treated with respect, want to be understood, want people to be patient with us and not to assume that we’re trying to be difficult."


The article also lists examples of the many aspects of work life that can present major challenges for people with autism, including adapting to changes and interpreting body language and facial expressions.