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School Community Tool Kit Version 2.0 Released

August 17, 2012

Autism Speaks is pleased to announce the launch of the School Community Tool Kit 2.0. Since its launch in 2008, this has provided hundreds of school communities with helpful information about students with autism along with tools and strategies to achieve positive interactions and increase learning for all members of the school community. It provides valuable information for general education and administrative school staff, aides, office staff, bus drivers, nurses, custodians, classmates and family members who interact with students with autism.

School Community Tool Kit 2.0 has been revised to include new information and resources as well as changes we made based on feedback from professionals and parents. The tool kit has also been reorganized with new illustrations and design to be more user friendly and easier to navigate. New features include sections on bullying, assistive technology and information for athletic coaches.

While this tool kit is not intended to be a curriculum for special education, your special education and administration staff may find it helpful for information and resources to support students with autism in general education environments and involvement in the school community as a whole.

The School Community Tool Kit can be downloaded free of charge on the Autism Speaks web site. For any questions or concerns please contact us at