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School Bus Full of Kids with Autism Overturns in NYC Crash

March 11, 2014

(New York City) - According to the New York Department of Education, 6 nonverbal children with autism and 3 adults were injured when their school bus collided with a taxi in Brooklyn, N.Y. The collision flipped the bus on its side while the taxi crashed into a light pole. 

Eyewitness John Demark and others on the scene immediately rushed to the aid of the children. “Once we got the door open, I just immediately jumped in the bus, and just started trying to get people out as fast as possible,” Denmark told CBS New York, “because I saw blood on the ceiling of the bus, so I didn’t know if that had been a child or if that had been one of the adults.”

None of the children were seriously injured. Police say charges are pending for the taxi driver who reportedly ran a red light.