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Rolling Stone Looks at Story of High-Schooler with Autism Arrested for Selling Drugs

February 27, 2014

In an article entitled "The Entrapment of Jesse Snodgrass," Rolling Stone magazine looks at the story of Jesse Snodgrass, a 17-year-old high school student with autism from Temecula, California who was arrested several months ago after selling drugs to an undercover cop. Jesse, who attends Chaparral High School, had made friends with a police officer who was undercover as a high school student named Daniel Briggs. Daniel asked Jesse if he could sell him marijuana and Jesse, under extreme social pressure to make a friend, took steps to provide drugs to him.

After the drugs were delivered, Jesse was arrested at his school and later charged with two felony counts for selling marjuiana. The charges were later reduced to 6 months probation and 20 hours of community service. Jesse still attends Chaparral High School.