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This Restaurant is Offering Quiet Seating for Families With Autism!

May 21, 2015

During Autism Speaks' Chefs Gala in St. Louis, MO, a local eatery was highlighted for its extraordinary treatment of families with autism: Annie Gunn's.

The restaurant offers special “snug” seating: a family-sized booth with a sliding door for privacy and peace and quiet — a godsend for families with kids with autism.

Additionally, the staff at Annie Gunn's prepare and cut the food just how Will Bolster, 18, who has autism, likes it.

“We like to extend that hospitality to anybody who walks in our door. The Bolsters have been coming here as long as I’ve worked here…they’re part of the family,” Annie Gunn’s manager, Mark Hinkle, told Fox2Now.

The gala raised more than $330,000 Wednesday night – about twice as much as when the event started in 2012.

Watch the video by clicking the image above or going here