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This Rachel Canning Turns Negative Situation Into A Positive To Help Autism Speaks

March 06, 2014

A college student from Florida is making headlines for turning a negative situation into a positive. Rachel Canning, a 22-year-old student at the University of South Florida, has been receiving negative feedback on her social media accounts after being mistaken for different Rachel Canning, a teenager from New Jersey who has been in the news after suing her parents for child support and college payments.

After a suggestion from a commenter on Facebook, Rachel decided to use all her web traffic to help promote autism awareness and raise money for her local Walk Now For Autism Speaks team. Rachel has a 19-year-old brother on the spectrum and holds the Walks dear to her heart.

Katy Formella, Florida manager of field development for Autism Speaks, said, “For Rachel to turn negative attention into something so positive shows what a great person and big sister she is.”

Rachel will be walking at the Tampa Bay Walk Now for Autism Speaks on April 26th at Raymond James Stadium. Want to walk with us? Look to see if there is a walk in your area here.