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"Autism in Love" Shows the Complexities of Romance

April 20, 2015



"Autism in Love," a new documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this month, shows just how hard it is to create and maintain romantic relationships for individuals on the autism spectrum. But it also shows that it isn't impossible, and that people on the spectrum want to be loved.

Director Matt Fuller spoke to the Huffington Post about what he was aiming to show within autism and love, saying that he doesn't "know the science," but added, "I do know about the challenges many adults with autism face. I know that they want to love and be loved. And, I know they are capable of having meaningful, romantic relationships."

Autism Speaks' Head of Medical Research, Dr. Paul Wang, was also interviewed for the article.

“Although we think about autism, and people with autism, in terms of a social impairment, the deficit isn't in desire,”Wang told HuffPo. “The deficit is in the skills needed to understand other people's social and communicative behavior, and in expressing oneself through language and social behaviors.”

Wang added that it can be difficult for individuals with autism to navigate the complexities of non-verbal communication and the reading of body language that go into sustaining a romantic relationship.

"People who are seeking and maintaining a romantic relationship exchange non-verbal cues all the time; they choose their language very carefully and they have to understand what the other person is looking for and trying to convey. For many people with autism, all of these tasks are hurdles,” Wang said.

Read more about the film on the Huffington Post.

Autism Speaks staffer Kerry Magro hosted a Q&A with the director and producer of "Autism in Love." You can read that here.

Magro, who is also a national speaker and best-selling author, joined Matt, Carolina and the Co-Founder of Olivia Cantu on HuffPost Live to discuss autism and relationships. You can watch the entire interview here. You can read more about on The Huffington Post here