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Prisoners in Colo. Train Service Dogs for People with Autism

January 27, 2014



The Denver Post recently featured 11-year-old Zachary Tucker and his service dog Clyde. The relationship between Zarachary and Clyde is similiar to other autism service dog stories we've seen before but how they came together is a unique tale. In 2011, Zach's parents took him to the high-security Sterling prison to meet inmate Christopher Vogt. Vogt, who was serving a 48-year sentence for 2nd degree murder, was starting a program at the prison where inmates train service dogs to live wth individuals with autism. Zach's parents took a chance and had their son train with Vogt and Clyde.

Shortly after Zach was able to bring Clyde home, he and his parents noticed his anxiety decreased and his focus increased. Clyde is trained to notice when Zach's demeanor turns negative and nudges him with his snout. Learn more about this unlikely pairing in the video above.