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Police Officer Saves Boy With Autism from Wastewater Treatment Pool

March 12, 2015

Jeffersonville Police officer rescues 4-year-old from wastewater treatment pool

A police officer in Jeffersonville, Indiana rescued a four-year-old boy from a wastewater treatment pool after a stroke of clever thinking led him to the boy, WDRB reported.

The boy was with his mother at a school playground on Sunday when she lost track of him. Police started looking for the boy, and one officer, Joshua Leveronne, decided to check the nearby wastewater treatment plant.

He noticed a gap in the gate — that has since been fixed— and thought a four-year-old could fit through it. He was right. 

Surveillance video shows the boy squeezing through the gap and wandering into the complex, WDRB reported.

Leveronne climbed a fence to get in, then heard the boy whimpering inside an 18-foot clarifier pool of sewage. He ran down to the boy and grabbed him.

"I was able to lay down on the deck and he reached out to me and I pulled him up. I just grabbed him, bear hugged him wrapped him in my jacket and took off running," the officer told WDRB. 

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You can find additional Autism Speaks safety resources for families and first responders to help prevent wandering hereVisit this page to report an active case of wandering.

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