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Parents as Partners in Research Grows

New Projects & Sites Added Throughout the Country
April 23, 2007

NAAR's Parents as Partners in Research program is expanding to include a larger, more diverse list of research studies in need of families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

The program currently includes 29 clinical autism research studies taking place at 15 different sites throughout the United States. More studies are being added every week and will eventually include projects in Canada and

Europe. NAAR is currently working to implement the entire research consortium for its High Risk Baby Sibling Autism Research Project, which currently includes 15 sites. The High Risk Baby Sibling Autism Research Project, a partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), involves the infant siblings of children diagnosed with autism and is aimed at early detection and intervention.

Future plans also include adding the massive research consortium taking part in the Autism Genome Project, an international collaboration involving approximately 170 investigators from 50 institutions throughout the world aimed at determining the genes associated with autism.

NAAR's Parents as Partners in Research program connects parents and families of individuals with autism spectrum disorders with investigators conducting clinical autism research studies aimed at diagnosing autism earlier, developing and evaluating treatments and finding a cure.

The Parents as Partners in Research program provides an opportunity for families directly affected by autism to take a more active role in accelerating the pace of research. The program is designed to better enable families interested in taking part in research studies to locate investigators in need of children, adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders to participate in their studies. Our goal is to match a researcher's specific criteria with a family's interest in a particular study and ensure that all eligibility requirements are met.

To better facilitate the growth of the program, NAAR has made some modifications to the Parents as Partners webpages that make it easier for families interested in participating in clinical autism research to learn about studies in their communities.

To visit the Parents as Partners in Research webpage,
click here.