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Parents Face Challenges Getting Services for Children with Autism

May 21, 2014

Date: May 21, 2014 -

A story for Fox NY looks at the challenges faced by parents trying to keep their kids with autism safe in New York City schools. Lynn Decker, the mother of two children with autism, describes her fights to get aides and other supports in schools.

Attorney Gary Mayerson, a member of the Autism Speaks Board of Directors, discusses the rights to which children with special needs children are legally entitled. Lisa Goring, EVP of Family Services for Autism Speaks, emphasizes the importance of parents using data to argue for the supports their children needs.

The story aired in the wake of the latest incident of wandering by a New York City teen. Eliceo Cortez of Brooklyn was found safe on Monday aftering he didn't return home from school on the previous Friday. 

Watch the Fox 5 story below.

Autism Speaks has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to address autism wandering incidents. Visit this page to find out how to report an active case of wandering.  Find Autism Speaks resources to help prevent wandering here.