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PARADE Magazine Highlights Autism Speaks 10 Years of Progress

April 27, 2015

In Parade Magazine they highlighted Autism Speaks 10 Years of Progress: A Lifetime of Hope. In the article they shared how Autism Speaks was founded by Co-Founders Bob and Suzanne Wright after their grandson, Christian, was diagnosed with autism. In the piece they also shared 10 things you may have not known about the organization. This list included…

World Autism Awareness Day and The United Nations

During a visit to the United Nations, Suzanne asked aloud what it would take to get a world autism day. (Every country in the UN has to approve.) That was eight years ago. Every year on April 2, the world recognizes autism and all of those affected by it.

“The recognition by every country in the world is quite substantial,” Suzanne said.

The Facts

When Christian was diagnosed with autism in 2005, the chances of a child having the disorder were 1 in 166. Unfortunately, “these numbers are climbing,” Suzanne said. Today, the chances a child will be diagnosed with autism has risen to 1 in 68 and for boys the odds are 1 in 42.

Lighting It Up Blue

Six years ago, the Wrights were dreaming even bigger and extended the global awareness beyond World Autism Awareness Day.

“I wanted to do more and I started Light It Up Blue,” Suzanne said.

We’d like to thank Parade Magazine for recognizing our organization! You can read more of the story at Parade Magazine here.