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NPR highlights strengths of employees with autism

May 19, 2016

On May 18, NPR's All Things Considered featured a story on the many benefits of employing people with autism. The report and accompanying article look at why the unemployment rate is so high for people on the spectrum when, in many cases, they are an asset to both employers and coworkers. 

Autism Speaks Vice President of Adult Services Leslie Long provided her perspective. Long discussed the lack of services for young adults and adults with autism, as well as the idea that often the idiosyncracies of an individual with autism may mask the talent and skills he or she can bring to the workplace. 

The article also features Gerald Franklin, the lead developer for, a job portal that matches jobseekers with autism with jobs posted by employers. TheSpectrumCareers was developed by Autism Speaks in partnership with Rangam Consultants and was built by WebTeam Corporation

Franklin sees his autism as an asset. It gives him insight, he says, into creating tools that can help others.

Read more on here and listen to the report here.