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New York Musical Theatre Festival Launches Autism Friendly Series!

July 02, 2014

(July 2, 2014) - The New York Musical Theatre Festival just launched its first-ever autism friendly series in consultation with the Theatre Development Fund's Autism Theatre Initiative. The first two shows will take place on July 19th (The Snow Queen) and 20th (Rescue Rue) in Manhattan. 

The shows are performed in a supportive environment for an audience of families and friends with children or adults who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or other sensitivity issues.

Slight adjustments to the production may be made, including reduction of any jarring sounds or light cues. The theatre lobby will have a quiet/activity area, staffed with autism specialists, for those who needed to leave their seats during the performance. Social narratives with pictures of the theatres and productions, designed to personalize the experience for each attendee with ASD will be available for download in advance of the performances. 

Autism Speaks would like to thank the New York Musical Theatre Festival and the Theatre Development Fund for their efforts to make these exciting shows available to the autism community in a fun and friendly way.