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Calls to Action

New Public Service Ads Get the Message Out

September 11, 2008

Check out new Autism Speaks public service announcements featuring professional golfer Ernie Els and his family, as well as soap opera heartthrob Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Ernie and Liezl Els, parents of a child with autism, graciously donated their time to create a special announcement for the Golf channel and CBS.

Read more about the Els family here

Actor Antonio Sabato, Jr. of "General Hospital: Night Shift" created an announcement after the popular soap opera scripted an autism storyline where Sabato's on-screen son is diagnosed with autism.

Read more about "General Hospital: Night Shift" here.

In addition, Autism Speaks created a new donation appeal video that speaks about our mission and encourages people to support our work. Click here to donate make a donation to Autism Speaks.

These and other videos from Autism Speaks are available on our YouTube channel, AutismSpeaksVids. Check it out today: