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New Film's Cast is Almost Entirely Actors With Autism

January 22, 2015

A filmmaker in Georgia has cast actors with autism to portray teens with autism on the big screen, creating a truly authentic performance, 11 Alive reported.

In the short film called "Circles," the protagonist, named Ollie, has autism. In real life, the actor who plays Ollie, 16-year-old Sam Seidel, has autism too. 

"This is my first real experience with it," Seidel told 11 Alive about the filiming. "Yesterday was 11 hours. It was pretty tiring, but I still enjoy doing it."

More than 100 teens with autism auditioned for the movie, according to 11 Alive. Almost all the actors in the cast have autism.

Director Jesse Cramer has acted and worked with kids with autism for years, and knew that they could bring "... a level of authenticity that is unmatched."

"They have a point of view that is so valuable. That makes an indelible difference in the final product," Cramer added.

In the film, Ollie's best friend is moving away, and Ollie struggles to show his reaction to the news. He comes across as indifferent, but is in fact devastated.

"This character has emotions that run just as deep as anyone else, and he's fighting to tell the world what those are," Cramer told 11 Alive. 

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