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New camp helps prepare students with autism for college

July 28, 2015

Thanks to the University of Cincinnati’s Advancement and Transition Services team, 11 students with autism in 11th and 12th grade are attending College Success Camp to prepare for the postsecondary education experience. During the camp, the students stay on campus, sit in on classes and learn more about the everyday college experience.

“They're in classes taught by university professors because a number of them said, 'I want to understand what college is like, so when I make that decision, I'm better able to understand what skills I need to be successful,'” camp director and transitions coordinator Jan Goings told WLWT 5 News.

You can read more on UC’s program at WLWT 5 News here

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The application for Autism Speaks' Brian and Patricia Kelly Postsecondary Scholarship Fund will open next month! Postsecondary programs can apply for funding to award scholarships to financially disadvantaged individuals with autism to attend. Learn more here!