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New app helps people with autism address daily needs and challenges

December 13, 2016

The Identifor Companion app uses a human avatar named Abby to help young adults and adults with autism when parents, teachers, and aides are no longer around to answer questions and help with various needs throughout the day. 

The Companion app is a 24/7 personalized aide for teens and adults with special needs. It uses Abby – Identifor's artificial intelligence avatar – to have real back-and-forth conversations with the user. Through the Companion app, Abby will:

  • Answers questions (e.g., how to address difficult situations at work, etc.)
  • Provide all kinds of reminders – wake up, bed time, medications, classes, breaks, laundry, etc. If you can image the need, Abby can remind you of it.
  • Alert you of expected weather … and what clothes/accessories you may need as a result.
  • Provide navigation help … walking/driving directions, public transit, and even get you an Uber.
  • Show you how to do things (e.g., make tacos, do laundry, etc.).
  • Gets to know you, your needs and routines.

Download the Companion app in the iTunes store here!

Download the Companion app in the Google store here!

The app was developed by Identifor. a company started by husband and wife team Cuong Do and Lori Rickles. Identifor is a website and app designed to help parents and individuals understand their own (or their child's) skills, abilities and interests using games. Do and Rickles wrote a blog post on when Identifor launched in 2014.  Identifor also developed the app for Autism Speaks' Community-based Skills Assessment tool

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