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NAAR Chairwoman and Son Participate in Study

NAAR Chairwoman Participates in Study to Show how Children with Autism Perform on Computerized Tasks
April 23, 2007

NAAR Board Member Ann Gibbons, and her 17-year old son Phillip, are participating in a NAAR Parents as Partners study sponsored by the Kennedy Krieger Institute. The study looks at how children with autism perform

differently from children without autism on a computerized task. “Once I learned the goals of the study and the nature of the tasks Phillip would be asked to do, I was happy to volunteer him,” Ann said. Researchers from Kennedy Krieger set up their testing at Phillip's school in August, where Phillip participated in four 2-3 hour sessions. Results from participants in the study will be compared to the performance of other children who have similar levels of functioning but are not diagnosed with the same disorder. Researchers will use the results to better understand the behavioral components of autism and related disorders.

Kennedy Krieger Institute is an internationally recognized facility located in Baltimore, Maryland dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with pediatric developmental disabilities. Those interested in participating in the study should contact NAAR Parents as Partners at (888) 777-6227 ext. 38, or e-mail Denise Soto at