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MSSNG Genome Study in the News

January 26, 2015

The largest-ever autism genome study reveals that the disorder’s genetic underpinnings are even more complex than previously thought: Most siblings who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have different autism-linked genes. Read more about the study findings here. 

Led by the director of the Autism Speaks MSSNG project (pronounced “missing”), the report made the cover of today’s Nature Medicine (as seen below).

Autism Speaks plans to make the de-identified data freely available for global research to speed understanding of autism and the development of individualized treatments.

The goal of the project’s first phase is to upload 10,000 sequenced autism genomes, together with state-of-the-art, web-based analytic tools.

Below is a list of media outlets that covered the study findings:

The New York Times


The Guardian

Scientific American

The Los Angeles Times

Disability Scoop

The Verge


CBS News

NBC News




U.S. News & World Report

Medical Xpress

The Globe and Mail

The Toronto Star

CTV News

Times Colonist

New York Daily News

The Daily Beast