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MSSNG Genome Project Director Named in Maclean's Power List

November 20, 2014

Autism Speaks congratulates MSSNG genome project director Stephen Scherer, who was named in Maclean's 2014 Power List

Scherer co-founded and leads Canada’s first genome lab in Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. 

From Maclean's: "He was part of the research team that, in 2004, discovered copy-number variation in DNA, detonating the long-held belief that very little of our genetic makeup could differ. That game-changer has since helped Scherer find copy-number variations that could cause genetic diseases; just this year, he unlocked a potential 'autism formula' that will help spur more reliable identification from an earlier age, when intervention is most effective."

Autism Speaks has embarked on an unprecedented collaboration with Google to store and analyze the world’s largest collection of genomes of people with autism and their families.

That data will be uploaded to the Google Cloud platform to then be open to the world’s foremost scientists to access from anywhere at any time.

This historic collaboration could lead to the uncovering of various forms of autisms, like the various forms of cancers today, which could lead to individualized treatments and therapies for those with autism.

Watch Scherer explain how Autism Speaks and Google are harnessing the power of the Cloud for genomic breakthroughs.