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Motivational Speaker Talks ABLE Act, Wandering and Living with Autism

March 10, 2015

Autism Speaks Staffer Kerry Magro, a national speaker and best-selling author who is on the autism spectrum appeared on WMBC-TV's hit show "Hometown" this weekend with host Mark Fontes where he discussed some of the latest developments in the autism community.

Among the conversation was a discussion on the passing of the ABLE Act which was signed into law by President Obama late last year which will help provide tax-free savings accounts to individuals with disabilities and their families. Magro also talked about a $98,000 grant that Autism Speaks gave to Project Lifesaver International. This funding wiill support wearable locating technology and training for families and first responders. 

"Over half of individuals with autism wander from a safe environment" Magro said. "The need for awareness and supports for these individuals is imperative."

Magro who originates from New Jersey also shared about the importance of autism services in his home state. Currently 1 in 45 are diagnosed with autism in New Jersey which is the highest prevalance in the country. He finished off the interview by discussing his new book 'Autism and Falling in Love' where he decided to donate 50% of the proceeds to Autism Speaks. Magro said, "I've wanted to write a book about relationships since my first relationship when I was 18. Ever since I've been writing in a journal about my experiences and after one of my recent breakups wanted to finish this book to help others on the spectrum who are searching for love."

You can read more about Kerry on our website here. Learn more about Kerry's story through the video below...