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Mother Fights for her Son with Autism to Keep his Therapy Chickens

August 04, 2014

(August 4, 2014) -- A mother is advocating to help her son with autism keep his chickens, which he uses for animal therapy. Sherri Frushon of Brownsburg, Ind., found out that the town where she lives does not allow property owners to own chickens without receiving approval first. Two weeks ago, when Sherri called the town office to ask about the requirements, they told her she had 10 days to get rid of the chickens or she would face a $2,500 fine.

The town has not asked Sherri to get rid of her son's chickens but she is required to go through the proper process to get the chickens approved. She will need to pay a fee of $600 and have her neighbors say they are okay with the presence of the chickens. Sherri said of the process, "I just can't believe I have to go through everything just to be able to allow him to be with the therapy chickens." 

Sherri has taken her cause to social media, petitioning the town's Zoning Committee asking them to pass a variance that would allow Anthony to keep his chickens. When she first learned of the towns requirements, Sherri moved Anthony's chickens to a farm but she brought them back when Anthony struggled without them.

Sherri turned to animal therapy after her insurance no longer covered Anthony's therapies for autism and anxiety after the age of 8. She started researching the Silkie chickens which she says have helped Anthony immensely.

Sherry says, "I live through the eyes of my child now. You mess with my boy, you get the mama bear."