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Mom Turns Military Uniforms into Weighted Vests for People with Autism

April 09, 2015

Crystal Lyons, a mom from South Carolina is receiving praise for her unique idea to help her 3-year-old son John who’s on the autism spectrum. After being loaned a weighted vest to try by John’s occupational therapist, Lyons instantly saw a significant improvement in John’s behavior. When Lyons couldn’t afford to purchase the vest she came up with the idea to turn her husband’s old military vest into something John could use.

With her sewing kit in hand, this is when Lyons formed Vests for Visionaries, a charity that gives weighted military vests to children with autism. So far she has created over 135 vests and has received requests for these vests in 25 states and counting.

Lyons told Today Parents of John’s improvement, “He is absolutely calmer. He is more focused, he’s able to concentrate.”

You can read the entire story at Today Parents here