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MMA fighter Kimbo Slice talks about his son with autism

June 08, 2015


MMA fighter Kimbo Slice showed off his softer side during a video interview with Bellator MMA: his special bond with his youngest son, Kevlar, who has autism.

In the video, Slice trains with Kevlar for his upcoming highly-anticipated fight with Ken Shamrock on June 20

"I'm giving him a part of me; he's giving me a part of him. Every now and then, he'll just want to make sure I'm looking. He makes sure I catch his eye to see, 'Is my dad looking? Is my dad watching? I want my dad to see me do this.' That in itself is a great accomplishment: to see my son learning how to wrestle, learning how to do jiu-jitsu. Makes me feel good inside. He loves it."

Autism Speaks offers inclusion tips to help your child with autism discover the best sports program for them, and stick to it. 

Watch the touching video with the MMA star above.